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Every BlockShare Generates $1317

And Qualfied For Upto $400k Matrix Income

Intelligent Investments! ICO, Matrix And Single Line system.
Our system shares equal revenue with all active Blocks everytime !
Computers cannot make a mistake. Nor our clients do! !

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Total Coins Generated: 2231288.26 Referrals Coins bonus: 477656.60
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Promotion:introduced $63 blockshare,that allocate you 3 mining shares
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Every $33 BlockShare Allocate You a
"Revenue Share", "World Line 1 Positon" and "15% Bonus For
Fast lines

Buy First $63 BlockShare or $33 Blockshare Today,Secure Grand Line entry, Earn daily revenue coins and Get 15% Bonus For Rapid Lines

"The new investment for the new tomorrow.
Easy Investments, Maximum earnings."

At mycovidprofits we realized that the most money is to be made in the new digital era. While computer processing power costs less and less, the money changing hands online is becoming more and more. By using advanced trading which are actively monitored and developed daily, we are able to achieve enormous investment returns!

We are constantly working round the clock, so you can rest or sleep calmly, knowing your money is working for you every day. Why would you work day by day when you could live off your savings? Remember, each millionaire made one smart decision, which made them a fortune! Don't miss this opportunity, invest with mycovidprofits now!


Our Investment Plans


  • Covid CryptoBlockShare Includes

  • 1.Revenue Sharing (Active)
  • 2.Straight Line entry(Active)
  • 3.Rapid Lines ( active)
  • 4.Bonus Fast Lines ( Launching every 3 months)
  • 5.Coins Exchange(Active)
  • 6.Coins Gaming Bet & Prizes (2021)


  • Revenue Is Shared Among All members equally monday to friday
  • Plan2. World Straight Line Cyclers

    • Stage 1: Payout $7
    • Stage 2: Payout $10
    • Stage 3: Payout $20
    • Stage 4: Payout $40
    • Stage 5: Payout $80
    • Stage 6: Payout $160
    • Stage 7: Payout $320
    • Stage 8: Payout $480

    Plan3.Rapid Line

    • Rapid Line 1: Payout $3
    • Rapid Line 2: Payout $5
    • Rapid Line 3: Payout $7
    • Rapid Line 4: Payout $15
    • Rapid Line 5: Payout $25
    • Rapid Line 6: Payout $50
    • Rapid Line 7: Payout $100

    The Process

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    Make an Investment

    Choose an investment plan and make an investment

    Watch the Money GROW

    Sign in every day to see your income


    Withdraw your income and commissions anytime.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


    If you have a question, there is a chance someone has already asked it before.
    Easy Investments, Maximum earnings."

    Q: Who can Register with mycovidprofits? Is it free to register?

    A: Anyone can register with us as long as you are at legal age in your country to participate in mycovidprofits program. It is completely free to open an account at mycovidprofits. All Free member will be placed in forced matrix filling uper level first and free members will not earn from the spillover team untill they upgrade.

    Q: Can I open more than one account per person at mycovidprofits?

    A: No, You are not allowed to do so. If we find that one member has more than one account, the entire funds will be frozen.

    Q: Can I make multiple deposits?

    A: Yes, You can purchase Multiple Share Blocks in a day

    Q: Is There Any Risk Involved?

    A: Yes there are risks involved but we have minimized the risk by trading in long term trend only.

    Q:What Is Minimum Withdraw

    A:Minimum Withdraw is $15.

    Q: How much is the referral commission?

    A: 7% Direct Sponsor commission ($2 every time direct referral buy 1 Share Block)

    Straight Line Matching commission 20% on referral earnings

    Upto 11 levels rev sharing commission

    Upto 21 levels forced matrix commission

    Q: What is the minimum amount I can invest?

    A: There are 2 BlockShares Available $63 and $33 BlockShare at the moment.

    Q: What Does 1 Share Block Includes?

    A: $63 BlockShare includes
    1.Three shares,Daily 15 Coins per share. (For Our Exchange and Gaming platform)
    2.Grand World Straight Line Position. ($1117 Potential Per Positon)
    3.Rapid Lines Position. ( $200 Potential Per positon)
    4.Bonus Lined position. ( win upto $70/position)
    $33 Bockshare Include one share (same Plan 2 to Plan 4)
    The Price Of Share Block Is Variable due to change in price of Bitcoin.

    Q: How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?

    A: All Deposit updated instantly.

    Let's start earning money together!


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